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  • Mar 5, 2017

    'Iron Fist' Probably Won't Get a Costume in Season 1

    The Netflix Defenders have an on-and-off relationship with costumes, between Daredevil spending the whole of Season 1 justifying the red suit, while both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage poked fun at their comic counterparts’ familiar attire. Iron Fist might have landed somewhere in the middle, but according to the showrunner, Danny Rand isn’t likely to don green and yellow anytime soon.Continue reading…
  • Mar 2, 2017

    Netflix's Punisher is Here to Extract Vengeance on All Your Marvel Hot Toys

    It didn't take long for Hot Toys to jump all over the Marvel Netflix license when it was made available. We've already seen Daredevil in sixth-scale form, and now his season two rival, The Punisher, is getting his chance to prove his mettle. At least now you'll be able to set your Netlix heroes against your Marvel Cinematic Heroes, even if Marvel is taking a spectacularly long time to figure out how to make that happen in real life.Continue reading…
  • Feb 23, 2017

    'Deadpool 2' Script Is Getting Some Help from Drew Goddard

    Recovering from a pretty weird start, Deadpool 2’s pre-production is currently underway with Deadpool scriptwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick back for a second go-round. Now, we’ve learned that the writing team is getting an assist from Daredevil writer and Cabin in the Woods writer-director Drew Goddard. Continue reading…
  • Feb 23, 2017

    What You Might Have Missed In Marvel's May 2017 Solicitations

    Every month, comic publishers release their solicitation announcements to provide information to readers and retailers on comics that are coming out in three months’ time, but there’s so much information dropped at once that a lot can slip through the cracks.This month in Marvel's May solicitations there's costume drama for Daredevil and some shocking returns, but a lot of comics just don't seem to be coming back, with little or no notice from Marvel.Continue reading…

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